8 infosec compliance myths preventing you from closing that $100K ACV deal

Myths and misconceptions abound in the constantly evolving world of infosec compliance, but businesses must dispel them to be ready for today’s threat landscape.

It is an exciting time for digital startups, which face a rapidly growing demand for innovative software products and services. However, acquiring new business is certainly not without its challenges. When it comes to infosec compliance, clients are more demanding than ever, and it is up to you to convince them that you can protect their data. Dispelling some of the common myths around infosec compliance will help you assuage the concerns of your potential clients and win that latest deal.

Myth #1. Security is the IT department’s responsibility

Gone are the days when security was largely the domain of the IT department. Today, things are very different, not least because almost all data breaches involve a human element. Any employee is a potential target for a social engineering scam, which is why infosec compliance should be everyone’s responsibility.

Myth #2. Smaller businesses are not likely to be attacked

Many leaders of startups and small businesses incorrectly assume that they are not attractive enough targets for attackers. After all, it tends to be only the data breaches hitting huge global enterprises that make the headlines. In reality, however, small businesses are a favorite target as they present a sweet spot to attackers who often view them as easy pickings.

Myth #3. Automating infosec compliance increases risk

As the saying goes, if you want a job done properly, you have to do it yourself. This belief is often applied in the context of automation versus manual operation as well. However, while people will always play a central role in security, automating repeatable infosec compliance operations can work wonders in reducing human error and overcoming the challenge of scale.

Myth #4. You have already achieved complete cybersecurity

Many business leaders are overconfident about where they stand in infosec compliance. They might think that, just because they have never suffered an incident, they have achieved total cybersecurity. In reality, there is no such thing, since infosec compliance is more a journey of continuous improvement and optimization rather than a destination.

Myth #5. You will know immediately if your systems are breached

The unfortunate reality is that it usually takes months for businesses to discover a data breach, which is often long after irreparable damage has been done. The only way any business can learn about a breach immediately is if they have real-time monitoring of all their systems at all times, and that is easier said than done.

Myth #6. Antimalware will be enough to protect your network

Antimalware has always been an important part of infosec compliance, but it is only one small part of a broader strategy. The problem with overreliance on antimalware is that it is a reactive measure. As such, antivirus and antimalware software is more of a last line of defense, when your primary focus should in fact be on proactive measures.

Myth #7. You do not have enough data worth stealing

Perhaps one of the most harmful infosec compliance myths of all is the widespread believe in the startup world that they do not have enough data worth stealing. Nothing could be further from the truth, since every organization handles personal and payment data that can fetch a lot of money on the dark web marketplaces.

Myth #8. Infosec threats only come from outside the company

Even if most infosec threats might ultimately start from outside your company, insider threat is a growing problem. Furthermore, insider threat is not all about employees deliberately doing your business harm. Most insider threats come in the form of poorly trained, unprepared staff falling victim to a social engineering scam.

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