The Perks of Automating Audits: Advice From a Compliance Expert

featuring Shashank Karincheti

In the second episode of our Risk Grustlers podcast, Pratyush is joined by Shashank Karincheti,  the Senior Manager of Compliance Engineering at Razorpay. Shashank’s commitment to constant learning in the dynamic world of cybersecurity, boundless curiosity, and unwavering passion for infosec, makes him the ideal guide for anyone looking to explore this fascinating field.

“Audits used to be seen as a mere checklist exercise, completing tasks and calling it a day. But today, they're all about compliance by design. Take certifications like SOC 2, where specific criteria must be met, showing the presence of controls for added reassurance. In our world, audit automation means crafting a platform with built-in compliance and framework requirements, ensuring a broader focus on security and control.”

“Focus on building a culture of compliance and make it a part of your organization’s DNA. Understand the relevant frameworks and prioritize your actions accordingly. Once you have this foundation in place, you can evaluate automation tools and decide which processes to automate and which ones require manual handling.”


In this captivating episode, Shashank Karincheti unravels the secrets to streamlining compliance processes, optimizing efficiency, and achieving unparalleled accuracy in audits. 

He offers an exclusive look into the decision-making process between in-house development and partnering with third-party vendors for automation. 

He also draws attention to the significant role of culture and strategy, showing how aligning business goals, industry regulations, and company values can lead to triumphant automation strategies.

Whether your organization is just starting or already mature, Shashank will share invaluable perspectives on audit automation that will undoubtedly broaden your infosec knowledge. 

Join him as he delves into the strategic considerations behind prioritizing audit processes, establishing metrics and KPIs, and measuring the true effectiveness of automation programs. 

His insights will leave you empowered and inspired to optimize your organization’s compliance efforts. Tune in to gain invaluable knowledge from a true industry expert!

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